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We came, we saw, we peeped

Friday, July 31st, 2009
For a fun evening out, check out "Peepshow" at Planet Hollywood.

For a fun evening out, check out "Peepshow" at Planet Hollywood. (Photo property of

So we’re back and still getting over our “eight-days-in-Vegas” hangover while working on putting together all the info we need to give you about what’s going on right now in Las Vegas. We ate at some terrific and not-so-terrific places, stayed at three different resorts, found and used a number of great Las Vegas deals, played lots of video poker, took tons of photos and spent a lot time just checking out the crowds (or lack thereof) on and off the Strip. (Hey, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it….)

Usually, we start with a round-up of where we stayed but this time we’re going to start with our review of the Planet Hollywood burlesque revue, “Peepshow,” starring Broadway-alumni Shoshana Bean, former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison and – we’re going to throw this name in because he deserves it – vocalist Josh Strickland from American Idol, Season 2.

First, what this show is not : It’s not Holly Madison dances “Swan Lake;” it’s not going to be nominated for a Tony; and it’s not got some deep dramatic storyline going on. (more…)

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Plan Your Las Vegas Trip…Just a Little Even…Please

Thursday, October 16th, 2008
Donnie & Marie fans should purchase tickets before leaving for Las Vegas.

Donny & Marie fans should purchase tickets before leaving for Las Vegas.

Yeah, I admit it – I sometimes eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. Especially when they are sitting three feet away and TALKING REALLY LOUDLY. On our last trip to Las Vegas, P.B. and I were enjoying lunch at one of our fav restaurants – Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Las Vegas – when I overheard the couple next to us discussing what they wanted to do during their stay. Well, that’s not exactly correct – let’s say they were discussing how they had NO CLUE what to do while in Las Vegas. Here they are in one of the most exciting cities in the world and they can’t decide if they want to see a show…what show to see…where to eat dinner…you name it. Later that day- call it kismet – I was reading an article that said 80% of people visiting Las Vegas don’t know what they want to do once they get there. What a waste of time, energy and vacation dollars!

I visit a lot of Las Vegas forums on the ‘net and this seems to be a popular topic:  “To Plan or Not to Plan” – that is the question.  For me, the answer is definitely PLAN!  Okay, I’m not saying plan every minute or even every day but it just makes sense to me to do some research before going so you’re not wasting precious time standing in line at restaurants or theater box offices.  If there is one thing that is lacking on the ‘net (and I’m not sure there is) it is NOT info on Las Vegas. Buy show tickets – like those to see Donny & Marie at The Flamingo.  Make dinner reservations. Book your spa day. Look up what games are available at each casino so you can maximize your playing time.  Whatever it is you definitely want to do while in Las Vegas – or at any vacation destination, for that matter – make your plans and any necessary reservations before you get to where you’re going!

As many times as we have been to Las Vegas, P.B. and I always go armed with a list of hot new Las Vegas restaurants we want to try (usually complete with reservations) as well as anything else we don’t want to miss like shows, slot tournaments and other events. Check out other areas on our site plus  for things you might want to incorporate into your trip.

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