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Always Wanted to Own a Casino? Here’s Your Chance!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
Here's the game for the budding Steve Wynn on your holiday list.
Here’s the perfect gift for that would-be Steve Wynn or Sheldon Adelson on your holiday shopping list.

Yes, Casino Mogul really is a game.  Yes, you can actually buy it.  And, once again, yes, I really, really want this for Christmas.  (And here you thought I was going to try and sell you a half-finished Echelon.  Maybe next year.)

How do you play you ask?  Well, directly from the advertising copy on the box comes this riveting description: 

   “Build, design and manage your own casino!  (Hmm, I would think you would want to design it and then build it.  But, then, what the heck do I know since I’m not (yet) a casino mogul?) 

   “Hire and Fire Staff!”  (Oh yeah, that sounds like fun but better make sure they’re not union before you do it!)

   “Manage Your Clients!  Fleece Them (but keep them happy!”)  I didn’t make that up — it really says that on the box.  They must be talking to the people who run the real casinos.  Except for the happy part.

And my personal favorite right off the box “Become the Bugsy Siegel your parents always wanted you to be — run your own casino and make bucks!” (Well, you would have made bucks, Bugsy, if you had gotten out sometime before October.)

 The game is from Monte Cristo software and you can buy it here — Casino Mogul — for your own budding little gambling boss!  Just one of the items featured in our new gift guide

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