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First In, First Big Win at Slots

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Yesterday I told you all about P.B.’s memorable $1,000 Royal Flush at The Rio and today I want to tell you about my first big hit in a casino.

Mine is a classic story of beginner’s luck.  This happened more years ago than I’d like to count while I was on my honeymoon with P.B.  We were in the Bahamas staying at what was, at the time, the Paradise Island Princess Resort & Casino.  After a full day of sight-seeing and snorkeling, we had dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants and headed for the casino.  We walked around the crowded gaming floor for quite a while before deciding on which machines to play.  Because it was so packed, we weren’t able to find games next to each other but we were at least in the same general area.  I sat down at a multiple-line fruit and 7’s slot machine and started feeding quarters in and pulling down the lever.  (Told you it was a while ago!)  I went through one roll of quarters and had just cracked open the second roll when I hit a bunch of red sevens.  I didn’t even know it was a big hit until the lights started blinking and the bells started ringing!  In my excitement, I left — yes, left — the machine to find my new husband who immediately told me to go back to my machine and wait for the attendant.  NOW!  I still laugh when I think about it.  (Smart man.  No wonder I’m still married to him.)

My total win was 2500 quarters — $625 — which went toward our hotel bill for the week and toward my enduring fascination with casinos and casino gaming.

Now, I open the cyber “floor” for the story of your first big win.  Check out our “Post Contest” for your chance to win a copy of the new 2009 American Casino Guide. 

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And It Feels Like the First Time….

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Everyone who enjoys casino gambling can remember — always in great detail — the first time it happened.  Where you were, what you were playing, who you were with.  I’m talking about your first time.  The very first time you hit big in the casino.

For video poker players, it was no doubt their very first Royal Flush.  For slot players, maybe it was three Triple Diamond symbols or three Blazing 7’s appearing like magic across the screen.  I will always remember my friend, Mark, calling me on his cell phone from the California casino in downtown Las Vegas to tell me he had just hit for $10,000 on the Triple Double Diamond dollar slots.  Cha-ching!  For blackjack and poker players, craps and roulette fans, it was that first “streak” that just went on and on until your bankroll looked like nothing you’d ever seen. 

Here’s a “first story” for P.B. and me.  While it wasn’t his first $1,000 Royal, it was the first one he got while he and I were playing together.  We were sitting side-by-side at the bar at The Rio in Las Vegas sipping wine and playing Double Double Bonus video poker, quarters, when P.B. nudged me and said “Look.”  That’s it, just one word – “look.”  When I glanced over, all I saw was the “Call Attendant” notice on the screen so I thought his machine was broken.  I was saying something dumb  like “Oh, I’m sure someone will come and FIX it” and he said … “No, LOOK!”  That’s when I saw the Royal Flush and the big fat $1,000 JACKPOT sign!  It was a very fun hit with everyone at the bar coming to look and even the bartender calling people over to see it.  (By the way, he hit it in diamonds and he held the Ten, King and Jack and drew the Ace and Queen.  See what I mean about remembering in great detail!)

Tomorrow — My first big hit in slots PLUS the announcement of a fun new contest for our readers.


We Need to Talk — Check Out These Forums for Slots and Video Poker Players

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I like to share places I find on the Internet that I think other players might also enjoy visiting.  Forums are, I think, particularly interesting because you can post questions and polls, write about your own experiences or get a different perspective by reading what others have to say on a specific topic.  In regards to gaming, I learn a lot about different casinos, strategies, promotions, pay tables, hotel offers, shows and even restaurants just from reading posts from players throughout the country.  When and if you do choose to join a forum, jump in and participate.  There are sure to be people like me who are looking for the kind of personal input only YOU can provide.

Here are some of my favorites: (more…)

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