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Election Results on State Gambling Questions

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Here’s a quick update on the post I did regarding gambling issues on the 2008 election ballot in several states.

Missouri — Proposition A passed and with its approval lifted the ” no more than $500 in losses every two-hours” spending limit imposed on casino players.

Ohio — No casino for my friends in Ohio.  Steve Wynn sighs with relief.  (more…)

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Gambling and The Election, Part 2: Gaming Issues in Ohio and Missouri Will Be Decided

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
Gambling issues take gaming decisions to the voters tomorrow.

Voters will have their say on gambling issues in several states.

Election 2008 sees some interesting gambling-related issues on ballots in several states.  Of these, two are of particular interest to me and here’s why.

This past summer, P.B. and I took a cross-country jaunt and stopped to stay and play at several mid-West casinos including Harrah’s St. Louis.  When we arrived at the casino, we were informed that we needed new player’s club cards and to obtain them, we had to produce picture ID’s plus sign the backs of our replacement cards.  We were told that we must insert these cards into the machines in order to play and that’s when we learned about the $500 loss limit.  Huh?  Yes, unique to Missouri, is a law that says a player cannot lose more than $500 in any two-hour period.  (The cards keep track of your play.)  (more…)


Gambling and The Election, Part One: Want to Know Who’ll Win? Ask Kenny Rogers

Monday, November 3rd, 2008
Is Barack Obama holding all aces?

Is Barack Obama holding all aces?

Professional political commentators have weighed in and according to The Washington Post, only two out of fourteen pundits see John McCain in the White House next January.   While you can put your stock into what people like Ed Rollins, Eleanor Clift and Bill Maher say, Keith Thomson, in an article appearing on the website The Huffington Post, argues  that professional gamblers or, to be more specific, bookmakers are the true political soothsayers.

In his article “The Most Accurate Election Forecast?  Hardcore Gamblers,” Thomson gives some great information on the history of betting on political outcomes – which was legal for many years — here in the United States.  He also gives reasons in the article as to why bookmakers have to be on the money – pun intended – when setting odds.

For the post, Thomson interviewed professional gambling experts and a University of Kansas economics professor, Koleman Strumpf, who “believes wagering is an incomparable barometer of an election.”

If you are interested in seeing the current odds on the presidential and other races, check out internet site  Keep in mind that it is for information and entertainment purposes only since both betting on political races and internet gambling are prohibited for United States citizens.

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