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Breakfast and a Stroll Through the Gardens at The Bellagio Las Vegas

Sliced apples atop perfect puff pastry from Jean-Philippe at The Bellagio.

As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the Strip in Las Vegas, it’s kinda’ nice to also find a quiet spot and just kick back, relax and soak in the atmosphere.  If you’ve been reading this blog, you know of my fondness for all things sweet — be it a five-star dessert, a humble cookie or a morning pastry — so it will come as no surprise that this little respite from the action included a visit to Jean-Philippe Patisserie at The Bellagio.

While P.B. was enjoying breakfast and the newspaper back at our hotel’s all-day café, I took a walk over to Bellagio to see the latest transformation of the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, pick up a light breakfast and simply enjoy the morning.

I’m really not a “big breakfast” eater; I tend to want to go back to sleep if I indulge too much.  For that reason, a stop at Jean-Philippe is perfect for me.  I ordered a double latte and the sliced apple pastry and, as always, the pastry was delectable.

I got my items to go, hiked down the hallway a bit and found a comfy little spot with a table and chairs where I could enjoy a view of the pool area, the luxurious Bellagio surroundings and my perfect little breakfast.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in color and form at The Bellagio gardens in Las Vegas.

After lingering over breakfast, I visited the Bellagio’s indoor gardens which were decorated in vibrant tones of lucky red and gold for the Chinese New Year festivities — a design that will be on display through February 28.  In addition to this colorful figure perched atop his mountain of gold coins, the garden designers paid homage to The Year of the Ox by creating a sculpture of the beast out of what looked like boxwood.  Any time of year, the garden is always a must-see on my Las Vegas list.

A note about Jean-Philippe:  There can be an imposingly long line at the counter but be aware that the queue moves very quickly and you’ll have your order in no time.

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