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We Have A Contest Winner!

We have our very first contest winner!  In a random drawing,* our reader/commentor “AL” has won a copy of the 2009 Edition of Steve Bouri’s popular “American Casino Guide”.  Congratulations to Al and thanks to all who entered.  Our next contest starts tomorrow so come back then for details and another chance to win.

Here is the comment Al posted about his favorite/first big casino hit: 

“In the late 80’s I was in the process of traveling from The Presidio of Monterey, CA to San Angelo, TX for advanced training. As a private in the army I didn’t have a lot of money. Bargain rooms, casino freebies and cheap buffets were the order of the day. I saw a big banner over “Slots-O-Fun” that advertised 75 cent Heinekens. That was exactly the kind of bargain I was looking for. Walking in I was handed a free painter’s cap and won a $5 chip on the slot pull. I also got a coupon book that offered a $5 match play for any table game. I had seen Blackjack and knew that the coupon made it a good bet, especially with their $5. My wife had saved about $10 in change and wanted to play slots, so I wandered around sipping my premium beer and eventually found a seat at a table.

I put down the coupon and the $5 chip, and was dealt two cards face up, but it wasn’t Blackjack, it was a game called Red Dog, which is essentially Casino Acey-Duecey. I got and Ace and a trey. The dealer told me to put down another $10. I didn’t understand at the time it was not only optional but a good idea, nonetheless it was $10 and that was a lot of money to me. (A bunch more 75 cent Heinekens!) Still, I dug into my pocket and pulled out the ten, putting it down. A face card fell, and instead of my one red chip I now had seven. (The $20 bet paid even money, less the $5 match coupon.) I put two red chips in my pocket to replace my beer money and bet two more. After a dozen or so more hands I had stashed another $40 in red chips and decided to put down a last $20 bet before cashing out.

The first card was a Queen. A good start, but I was really disappointed when a second Queen fell. I assumed that the hand was a push and was pondering just picking up my bet when the dealer turned another card, a third Queen. The rest of the table whooped and I was paid off at 11:1. JACKPOT! I took my $240 and went in search of my wife. She had just hit a $16 jackpot on a nickel machine. I showed her the handful of red and green chips I had, and I remember saying “Red and Green, just like Christmas.”

I only made about $800 a month and she made even less. But that night we had just short of $300 between us, we walked all the way down to Caesar’s Palace to have the prime rib buffet with homemade pasta. It was awesome and we even splurged on a cab to save us the walk back to our off strip hotel. I won’t comment on the rest of the night, but I will say I have very fond memories of my first big casino score.”

*(Each comment was assigned a number based on the order posted.  Those numbers were placed into the proverbial “hat” and the winner was drawn.)

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