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The Lucky Bracelet and Other Myths

Could this bring you casino luck?

Could something like this bring you casino luck?

When it comes to good luck charms, I’ve seen a lot of strange things in casinos in Las Vegas, here in Arizona and, really, all across the country.  I remember one “regular” at a casino here in town who, back in the days when actual coins still poured out of the machines, would accumulate buckets of quarters and carry them from machine to machine.  If he was having a good day, you’d see him perched on his seat in front of a slot machine with three, four or even five completely full buckets of change under his chair.  Watching him move from machine to machine with a stack of change cups sort of piled atop each other “Leaning-Tower-of- Pisa-style” was a pretty interesting sight.  When asked why he carried around all those quarters rather than cashing in for some lightweight bills, he said his method of only going to the cashier at the end of his gambling day brought him luck.  (I’m sure he’s not having near as much fun with the paper tickets spit out by the machines today.)

I’ve seen lucky “talismans” perched on slot machines – what is it with those strange little Troll dolls with the weird hair (think Don King-style but in neon green or pink!) – as well as odd rituals like rubbing the machine screen or the paytable legend. And, in a very bizarre attempt at attracting luck, I even saw a lady cover the screen of her slant-top slot machine with what looked like paper towels out of the restroom so she could “hear” but not see her winnings.  Honest. 

So what’s my lucky charm?  It’s fairly tame:  a bracelet that I happened to be wearing the day I hit my first-ever Royal Flush for $1,000.  Made of sterling silver and chunky turquoise, it was the first time I had ever worn it to a casino and it kept getting in my way while I was moving my hand back and forth to click on the cards I wanted to hold.  I hit the Royal just before I was going to take that annoying bracelet off and put it in my purse.  Now, I wear it on every trip to the casino and it doesn’t annoy me in the least.  (Bracelet pictured is from the Sundance collection.)

Got any “good luck” stories to share?

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  1. EJKorvette Says:

    One thing that helps me is Georging all my bills. That is, entering bills at, then stamping them with my four Where’s George stamps.

    Before going to Vegas, I accumulate thousands of aces (what we call singles at the race track). I sort them by series then block letter then serial number. Then I enter them at the site, then stamp them.

    Yes, I do have a mild case of OCD. But every trip since I have done this, I have hit a slot machine for a thousand dollars, and many other large hits as well. And having to feed stamped singles one by one into the machine slows my play down a little so I don’t blow my wad quickly (and I have more time to wait for the young lady with the shapely legs in the flattering costume to come by with Mr. Daniel for me).


  2. C.C. Royal Says:

    That is so cool and congrats on making it work to the tune of $1,000 and other good hits. Funny, I, too, take my time feeding smaller bills into the machines so I guess that’s another of my “good luck” talismans.

    You know that now any time I get an “ace” with a “Where’s George” stamp on it at the casino I’ll wonder…was Evan just here?

    Thanks for commenting.

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