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Harrah’s Casinos Team Up with WMS Gaming for New Hot Slot Game

Here’s a very smart move from Harrah’s Entertainment.  They’ve collaborated with WMS Gaming, makers of the wildly-popular Wizard of Oz machines, (you know, the ones I can never play!) and will introduce a special TOTAL REWARDS® version of WMS Gaming’s new Star Trek machine beginning this week in Las Vegas. 

Here’s the skinny from a joint press release dated December 1, 2008 (Emphasis mine) – “Players who are members of Harrah’s TOTAL REWARDS® program will be able to use their cards to create a personalized and differentiated gaming experience on the STAR TREK themed gaming machines at most of the company’s casinos in North America, as Harrah’s moves forward with a market-by-market implementation plan, subject to additional jurisdictional regulatory approvals.

“This server-enabled, networked gaming platform provides players with the unique ability to personalize their game play, allowing them to save their play status and unlock additional bonus rounds and game episodes over time.

While all the Star Trek machines in place at different casinos allow players to “save” their game information from trip to trip, the Harrah’s program (if I am reading this right) will give TR club members the ability to further personalize the game and earn additional Harrah’s-only bonuses. 

According to Tim Stanley, chief information officer and senior vice president, innovation, gaming and technology of Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., (His business card must be “super-sized” to fit that title on it….) —  “As players advance through the dynamic Star Trek storyline, they can save their progress through the game and pick up where they left off during their next visit, regardless of which STAR TREK gaming machine in a TOTAL REWARDS enabled casino they visit. Additionally, by using TOTAL REWARDS® to enable their personalized STAR TREK account and ‘avatar,’ they can transport their previous play status from non-Harrah’s based Star Trek games, earn ‘Bonus’ achievement medals for their Harrah’s play, and get access to new games, unique communications and special promotions and offers as part of our innovative introduction of this new capability.”

So, thanks to WMS Gaming:  Video game meet slot machine.  Slot machine, meet video game!  And to Harrah’s good job on going boldly where no casino has gone before!  Now, if I just have a little more luck in actually finding an open machine next time I visit Harrah’s….

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