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We came, we saw, we peeped

For a fun evening out, check out "Peepshow" at Planet Hollywood.

For a fun evening out, check out "Peepshow" at Planet Hollywood. (Photo property of

So we’re back and still getting over our “eight-days-in-Vegas” hangover while working on putting together all the info we need to give you about what’s going on right now in Las Vegas. We ate at some terrific and not-so-terrific places, stayed at three different resorts, found and used a number of great Las Vegas deals, played lots of video poker, took tons of photos and spent a lot time just checking out the crowds (or lack thereof) on and off the Strip. (Hey, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it….)

Usually, we start with a round-up of where we stayed but this time we’re going to start with our review of the Planet Hollywood burlesque revue, “Peepshow,” starring Broadway-alumni Shoshana Bean, former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison and – we’re going to throw this name in because he deserves it – vocalist Josh Strickland from American Idol, Season 2.

First, what this show is not : It’s not Holly Madison dances “Swan Lake;” it’s not going to be nominated for a Tony; and it’s not got some deep dramatic storyline going on.

What this show is: A lot of music-and-dancing-girls fun! Terrific vocals from Shoshana Bean and Josh Strickland are the high points of the show. (Although, based on the reaction from the big groups of guys in the theater that Saturday night – bachelor parties? – I think most men will say the boobs and butts are points more worthy of notice!) Bean is particularly entertaining with her gravelly-voiced musical narration of a story based on Bo Peep’s (Madison) transformation from goody-goody to “shows-her-boobs-in-the-finale” kind of gal. And Strickland provides a little eye-candy for the ladies along with his powerful vocals.

“Peepshow” is fast-paced with one production number after another featuring dance numbers loosely based on Mother Goose rhymes. Our favorite dancer was “Ms. Pete,” a gorgeous gal pole-dancing inside of a pumpkin (did I really just write that?) in a take-off on the old “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-Eater” rhyme. (You can make up your own jokes with that one.)

The show offers the ladies dressed in almost every stock-in-trade fantasy outfit imaginable. You got your sexy cheerleaders; your school girls complete with plaid pleats and knee-socks; the mistress of leather and chains and lots more. And, for the pet-lovers among you – there is even a weird dancing dog. (Ummm, yeah, make up your own jokes once more.)

So, can Holly Madison dance? Well, let’s say she has a really pretty face and I hear she is a real sweetheart in person. You can make up your own mind after seeing one of her performances on “Dancing with the Stars” on a YouTube video at the bottom of this post.

Again, it’s not “Jersey Boys” or “The Lion King,” (but those shows don’t have the bare boobs and butts you could bounce quarters off of like “Peepshow,” now do they?) but it can add to a fun evening out in Las Vegas.

More info: We had 2-for-1 tickets that came with our stay at Planet Hollywood but you can also get tickets the day of the show at our favorite discount ticket outlet, TIX 4 Tonight.

Planet Hollywood has some great Las Vegas room deals going right now. And, since the closing of their big nightclubs, Prive and The Living Room, expect to see the deals continue.   Planet Hollywood from $69 per night!

Take alongs: Whenever we have plans to see a show, I take these compact binoculars with me just in case I want a better view.

Holly Madison on “Dancing with the Stars”

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