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Las Vegas Strip Heats Up with Re-Opening of Mirage Volcano in December

The Mirage Volcano reopens this December.

I LOVE that The Mirage Volcano will reopen in December.

UPDATE:  The Mirage Volcano opened December 8th to thunderous applause.  See the Mirage Volcano video here.

I don’t know what I’m more excited about — The Mirage volcano returning to the Las Vegas Strip this December or the $33 a night room rates in my player’s club offer! 

I have to say, we have really missed seeing the volcano explode at The Mirage during our last couple of trips to Las Vegas so reading that it will “thunder back to life” next month is pretty cool.  And, not only is it back, but it sounds like it will be better than ever.  Here, let me just quote from the mailing —

“Our signature Volcano will reignite with thunderous majesty when it begins erupting again in December 2008.  This Vegas icon (definitely) will be forged into a primal volcanic environment of sound, light, music, and heat.  Choreographed Fireshooters™ (I have no idea what those are but they sound wicked!) will send a dazzling array of fireballs (I kinda’ know what those might be…) dancing up to 12 feet into the air as each eruption commences.  The surrounding lagoon will now be set ablaze as fiery “lava” flows from The Volcano, bringing its warmth right up to the Las Vegas Strip.  (There, that’s what I missed — the heat, the burning lagoon!)   Accompanying this sizzling display will be an awe-inspiring soundtrack by legendary Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart (Good choice MGM Mirage!) and Indian musical virtuoso Zakir Hussain (yes), striking with the percussive force of up to (whoa) 104 decibels.”  Check out YouTube videos here for Zakir Hussain.

Okay, so I admit it, here’s where my “I Love Las Vegas” geeky-ness comes through but this makes me happy.  I can’t wait to see the new show and with an offer for $33 weekdays, $55 weekends and $75 in Freeplay® to boot…I am so there.  See you in December at The Mirage.  (Offer code HEAT if you can swing it!)

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