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Great Gift Giveaway this Week at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Just a quick reminder for Harrah’s Total Rewards® club players — this week is the 2008 Great Gift Wrap Up® at Caesars Palace.  From December 1 through December 7, redeem club points earned throughout the year at Harrah’s Las Vegas properties for a wide array of gifts including jewelry, electronics, luggage, kitchen gadgets plus sporting goods, accessories and more.  Great brand names in electronics include Sony® and Apple® with high-end accessories like Dooney & Bourke® handbags and Movado® watches also well-represented.

To view your points and the gift selection catalog, visit the Great Gift Wrap Up  site here.  Also, while you’re in town, check to see if The Mirage is previewing it’s new Volcano show yet.  A recent video posted at You Tube gives us this look at the fiery new attraction.

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Holiday Gifts for Casino Gaming Fans

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Do you need gifts for poker players?  Gifts for gamblers?  Gifts for slots players?  We’ve got you covered!  We’ve done all the work for you in gathering in one spot a great selection of gifts you can buy for the gambling fans on your list.  Lots of special gift items — in all different price ranges — are available through our specially-designed “Gift Guide.”  Here are just a few of the cool gifts you can choose from:

For her

Sparking crystals and silver make up this “well-suited” pendant from Eve’s Addiction.  Called the “Lucky Casino Pendant,” I would wear this on a black sweater or turtleneck to really show off the shine.  $38 

I really like these red and black drop earrings!  You have to look closely to see the four card suits represented in these hand-painted enamel on vermeil Poker earrings designed by artist Teresa Starkweather.  Also available as clip-on earrings.  SALE $26.99 ($30)

This cute Christmas ornament with it’s Lucky 7’s will delight the slot player on your list. A unique gift or stocking stuffer! $6.99


For Him

These handsome poker chip cufflinks are made from fiber optic glass which is made by fusing millions of fiber optic glass strands together creating glass that changes color when seen under different lighting conditions. Cufflinks arrive in hiqh-quality chrome presentation box. Covered by Cuff-Daddy’s Lifetime product guarantee.   SALE $28.99 (More than 1/2 OFF the usual price of $59.99!)

Poker players will love these unique designs.  Shop our “WEARABLES” category for T-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeved T’s, camp shirts, and more with interesting and distinctive graphics.  Here’s just one custom design that’s available in a variety of colors.  Prices range from $17 – $20 for the all-cotton, long-sleeved tee-shirt.  


Choose from a slew of entertaining DVD’s with a gambling/casino theme like this cult hit from Guy Ritchie “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”   Cockney boys Tom, Soap, Eddie, and Bacon are in a bind; they owe seedy criminal and porn king “Hatchet” Harry a sizable amount of cash after Eddie loses half a million in a rigged game of poker.  Before the boys can blink, they are caught up in a labyrinth of double-crosses that lead to a multitude of dead bodies, copious amounts of drugs, and two antique rifles.  This movie is a great addition to any DVD collection.  “Unrated – Locked & Loaded Director’s Cut” — Smoking price!  $14.99

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
The reception desk at The Bellagio beautifully decked out in fall fruits and flowers.

Part of the reception area at The Bellagio beautifully decked out in fall fruits and flowers.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday. 

The Staff at

Come back tomorrow and shop our gift guide for weekend-only specials and sales.

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Always Wanted to Own a Casino? Here’s Your Chance!

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
Here's the game for the budding Steve Wynn on your holiday list.
Here’s the perfect gift for that would-be Steve Wynn or Sheldon Adelson on your holiday shopping list.

Yes, Casino Mogul really is a game.  Yes, you can actually buy it.  And, once again, yes, I really, really want this for Christmas.  (And here you thought I was going to try and sell you a half-finished Echelon.  Maybe next year.)

How do you play you ask?  Well, directly from the advertising copy on the box comes this riveting description: 

   “Build, design and manage your own casino!  (Hmm, I would think you would want to design it and then build it.  But, then, what the heck do I know since I’m not (yet) a casino mogul?) 

   “Hire and Fire Staff!”  (Oh yeah, that sounds like fun but better make sure they’re not union before you do it!)

   “Manage Your Clients!  Fleece Them (but keep them happy!”)  I didn’t make that up — it really says that on the box.  They must be talking to the people who run the real casinos.  Except for the happy part.

And my personal favorite right off the box “Become the Bugsy Siegel your parents always wanted you to be — run your own casino and make bucks!” (Well, you would have made bucks, Bugsy, if you had gotten out sometime before October.)

 The game is from Monte Cristo software and you can buy it here — Casino Mogul — for your own budding little gambling boss!  Just one of the items featured in our new gift guide

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We Need to Talk — Check Out These Forums for Slots and Video Poker Players

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I like to share places I find on the Internet that I think other players might also enjoy visiting.  Forums are, I think, particularly interesting because you can post questions and polls, write about your own experiences or get a different perspective by reading what others have to say on a specific topic.  In regards to gaming, I learn a lot about different casinos, strategies, promotions, pay tables, hotel offers, shows and even restaurants just from reading posts from players throughout the country.  When and if you do choose to join a forum, jump in and participate.  There are sure to be people like me who are looking for the kind of personal input only YOU can provide.

Here are some of my favorites: (more…)

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15 Reasons to Go to Las Vegas in December

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008
Stunning glassware from Wynn LVNV makes a great holiday gift for someone on your list.

Stunning glassware from Wynn LVNV makes a great holiday gift for someone on your list.

I can’t think of any reasons not to go to Las Vegas this December but I sure can think of a lot of reasons why I should go.  You should go, too.

1.  Christmas decorations at all the casinos.  Just like everything else in Vegas, the lights are brighter, the trees are taller, the decor more over-the-top.

2.  The Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  The designers seem to outdo themselves year-after-year with animated characters, fields of red and white poinsettias, sparkling trees and more.  I can’t wait to see this year’s display and then check out the holiday goodies at Jean-Philippe Patisserie.

3.  Holiday shopping made easy in just a couple of blocks.  The Forum Shops at Caesars, Miracle Mile stores at Planet Hollywood, the Fashion Show Mall and my fav store for beautiful glassware and gifts that will win raves — Wynn LVNV at the hotel’s Esplanade.  (Pictured above.) (more…)

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Gila River’s New Lone Butte Casino Opens to Enthusiastic Crowd

Friday, November 21st, 2008
A colorful canopy greets visitors to the new Lone Butte Casino in Chandler.

With lights that change colors like an Arizona sunset, a soaring canopy greets visitors to the new Lone Butte Casino in Chandler, Arizona.

So what does it sound like when every one of a casino’s 850 slot machines are ALL being played at once?  You would know — or you would have heard — if you were at the grand opening yesterday of Gila River’s new Lone Butte Casino in Chandler, Arizona.  Casino-goers flocked to the handsome new gaming facility for a first look and to try their luck at one of the new machines.  Guests not seated in front of a machine or at one of the 24 table games milled around eagerly waiting for the opportunity to play.  Even the new “High Limit” area was crowded with players hoping to hit it big.

The Gila River Community is to be commended on this classy addition to the Phoenix gaming scene.  The interior is light and bright and highlighted by the use of natural materials like sandstone.  (more…)

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Free Casino-Style Games to Play Online

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Hi –  I have played these games (the Bally’s games in the article, ed.) and many more,but I’m a retired LONG Distance Trucker and on a small pension now so I don’t get to go to the CASINO anymore.I have been to and delivered to almost any city that has one and played and stayed in most. My Question is –are there any other free sites that have REAL CASINO TYPE SLOTS you can recommend?????  Thks.Ken.

This is a comment/question that was posted today on one of our older articles — Play FREE Slot Games Online Courtesy of Bally — so I thought I would move it up here and answer it.  With all of our budgets getting squeezed these days, it’s nice to have the option to play some non-gambling, casino-style slot games at home.  So, here are some options for playing free games online, Ken: (more…)

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JAQK Wines for Your Holiday & Poker Table

Thursday, November 20th, 2008
JAQK Cellars wines would make great holiday gifts.

JAQK Cellars wines would make great holiday gifts.

In advance of the holidays, we’ve been combing the ‘net looking for some great gift ideas for the casino players on your holiday list.  We wanted to find fun items that we would like to give (as well as receive!) and feature them in a series of posts leading up to the holidays.  We do the work, you get all the kudos.

Today’s gift suggestion — definitely one of my favorites — actually originated with my web designer, Chris, at Tornado Design.  He emailed me some photos of these absolutely striking wine bottles.  The bold graphics on these bottles all riff on the themes of luck and play and games of chance and the designs figure greatly in the story of the JAQK™ Cellars winery.  I wish I could run photos of ALL their bottles here but you have to go visit their site. 

A single bottle of any of these California wines with names like “22 Black,”  “Charmed,” “Bone Dance” and “Pearl Handle” would be a great gift and possibly the start to a new collection.  Or, if you want to spring for a few more bucks, check out their multi-bottle gift boxes like the “Four Soldiers” set with a different historical figure on each label.  Either way, the player on your list (or maybe you?) will love this unique gift.

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Playing Las Vegas — Games and Places

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
Planet Hollywood, video poker and a chocolate chip cookie -- that works for me.
Planet Hollywood, video poker and a chocolate chip cookie…that works for me.

I get asked this question a lot — “When you go to Las Vegas, what and where do you play?”  As I’ve written in other posts, I am mostly a video poker player so I always look for my favorite games with the best pay tables.  On The Strip in Las Vegas, you can find me at Planet Hollywood where they have the games I like — Spin Poker™ and Super Times Pay™ plus the multi-game All-Star Poker™ machines — and the pay tables are reasonable for what I’m playing.  For several reasons, “Planet Ho” just has a “vibe” that appeals to me.  I like the music and I really like the adjustable chairs.  The drink servers are friendly and pretty good about keeping me supplied with bottled water and the occasional glass of white wine.  Plus, (more…)

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Click Your Way through a History of Las Vegas

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

By far, one of the coolest interactive maps I have ever seen is at the Las Vegas Sun website.  You have got to go check this out to see a graphic history of the rise and fall of casino development throughout the Las Vegas area. 

There are actually three maps to explore — The Strip, Downtown and the Valley — and on each one, you click on what era you want to see and the map shows you what casinos were in place at that point in time.  For instance, head to “The Strip” map and click on the tab “1960” for an idea of the places Frank, Sammy and Dean were hanging out at during the Rat Pack years.  As you click on each casino, a pop-up appears and you can read a short history of the property and see some photos.  I thought it really interesting to see the original Caesars Palace pics to get an idea of the multiple expansions that property has gone through in order to morph into what we now see on The Strip. 

The entire History section, aptly called “A Gamble in the Sand,” is a goldmine of facts and photos and a truly fascinating look at a remarkable American city.  Spend some time there and you’ll know Vegas as never before.

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An In-Depth Read on How Slot Machines Work from Your Friends at Discovery

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

From the “look what I came across searching the Web” file, comes this remarkably detailed report on how slot machines operate from the wide-ranging “HowStuffWorks” website.  Both the site and the television show of the same name are owned by the Discovery Company — you know, the same people who have the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet (my fav), and a host of other “let’s-make-learning-fun” ventures. (more…)

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